About lynn pike

​                                   ” What an honour to be able to make a difference in the life of another”

                                                                                                    lynn pike


Hi, I’m Lynn Pike, a Personal Fashion Stylist, not for “celebrities” but for everyday men and women looking for confidence and a comfort level in their own personal fashion and style.

Gone are the days when the only people with Fashion Assistants are celebrities. We live in a society  where one of the greatest commodities that we have is time. When time is a commodity, it makes sense to hire those with expertise to do the things we don’t have time for.

Enter Lynn Pike, your personal fashion stylist.

My role is to save you time and money, as well as the stress and anxiety of wardrobe shopping,

and being able to know the right clothes to wear for any occasion.

Amazing things happen when you find your own personal fashion style. 

  • You feel better about yourself
  • You gain a new-found confidence
  • You look people in the eye
  • You stand taller, with shoulders back
  • You speak with confidence and ease
  • You SMILE more!


I have raised seven children, and ran a corporation with my husband for 15 years.I know how the demands of family and work can put personal style and fashion low on the priority list. I discovered that even though I had a very busy schedule, it was important to take the time and effort to maintain a personal signature style. It simply made me feel and look better.


I will help  awaken your new sense of style and elegance, so that your smile resonates confidence inside and out.


Let’s get started. photo

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