Feature : Fashion on a Budget

Good Afternoon            

                             For the past few weeks I have been putting together outfits that would be at a price anywhere from 200.00 to 40,000.00!! For the next few days I will be designing outfits on a budget.  I will post the budget and put everything together accordingly.   You will actually be able to go to a site and purchase items if you wish. I am only sharing ideas for different ensembles. .I do not benefit from any sale..just in case you were wondering.  I am very excited to post our next featured "Vogue Woman". It is an inspiring tribute to a lady who is beautiful inside and that beauty is reflected in her exquisite personal style on the outside.      Also in future posts you will have access to fashion editorials.  These editorials will include my fashion recommendations on "what to wear  and what not to wear" for events, occasions,interviews, various workplaces, or just for everyday.   I have presented workshops on this topic and it has been very helpful and also alot of fun for all who were in attendance   I will keep you posted,  no pun intended.       Talk soon,                                                                      Lynn

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I am a Business Woman transitioned to Niche Fashion Stylist. I am a wife and a Mom of 7 amazing children. My goal is to help mainly women to define and develop their personal fashion signature. I will equip my clients with the knowledge of what is the absolute best style for them, with body type, skin tones and hair colour,and their lifestyle in mind. I specialize in makeovers, and chic, unique classy looks that will have heads turning in any setting.

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