Karen Gouin, A Woman who exudes style and elegance . The Vogue Woman.

Our very First Vogue Woman,, Karen

Who will be next?

lynnpike Fashion

Our Vogue Woman, Our Vogue Woman,

Naturally Radiant, inside and Out Naturally Radiant, inside and Out

Meet Karen Gouin, this is her story,

Karen is one of those women that ladies refer to as ” always put together” like she stepped out of a fashion magazine.
She admitted being referred to as a “fashionista”,on more than one occasion, a term that anyone who met her would agree upon.
I met with Karen in her (beautifully decorated) home to learn more about our “Vogue Woman”.
As we sat down to chat it was evident that her style was important to her in her everyday life whether she was with others or by herself. She had on a great pair of faded darker blue denim jeans, the ones with unique designer placed worn torn spots.
She wore a grey/brown,white blended relaxed lightweight v-neck sweater with a chunky beaded turquoise necklace with hints of brown in it. She also wore bracelets…

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I am a Business Woman transitioned to Niche Fashion Stylist. I am a wife and a Mom of 7 amazing children. My goal is to help mainly women to define and develop their personal fashion signature. I will equip my clients with the knowledge of what is the absolute best style for them, with body type, skin tones and hair colour,and their lifestyle in mind. I specialize in makeovers, and chic, unique classy looks that will have heads turning in any setting.

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